2016 Social Media Glog Assignment

by menejo
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2016 Social Media Glog Assignment

The purpose of your glog is tothoroughly explain each of thesocial media examples that youchose to use.Assume your audience knowsnothing about each example and your glog will explain each in detail.


Create Glog About:Social Media

Social Media2016

Required Elements

Create an online Glog named: "Social Media 2016"Glog Requirements:1. Define "social media".2. 5 clearly labeled examples of social media3. 5 researched facts/statistics4. 5 clear images with embedded links5. 1 YouTube link (minimum)

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Snapchat is valued at a $16 billion organization.

As of July 2015, total worldwide population is 7.3 billion.The internet has 3.17 billion users.There are 2.3 billion active social media users.



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