[2016] Lyndon M (LA 7): Cookie Cutter Shark

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[2016] Lyndon M (LA 7): Cookie Cutter Shark

Cookie Cutter Shark

The cookie cutter shark is famous for its uniqe way of feeding.It laches onto its prey like a paracite, and uses its bottem jaw(as seen to the right) to slice a cookie shaped chunk out of its it wile twisting in a circualr motion. This may sound scary, but its bites are not vital. Nor, are they known to attatck people.Their danger scale would be about a 3/10 because they dont usualy atatck humans. And if they do, its not vital, therfore most live to tell the tale.


human encounters

The cookie cutter shark hunts at night riseing closer to the surface.. the only time a human really dangers a cookie cutter shark is when night fishing with a net. it can get caught in the net wile trying to feed of the fish trapped in the net. there has beena few cases in its is clasified as "Least Concern" because of the fact that fishing industries dont want it. and it only comes near the surface at night.

Physical appearence

the cookie cutter sharks body is light brownish colour, with a dark brown ring around its gills witch gave it the nickname "the cigar shark" fully grown its 42 cm long (males) or 56 cm long (females).

the cookie cutter sharks have a light produceing organ called "photophores all ofver its underside and spaced out over its entire body, luring in preditors


Least concern

were its warm.it hunts pealagic creatures such as, squids, whales, tuna, and other sharks. it doesnt kill them, leaving the rest for another shark to eat.

& habitat

This shark hunts in schools, its a great night hunter due to its luminecent bottem side and eyes. Because of its luminecents, it lives in deep dark waters by islands

this video was taken near hawii, during a night dive.


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