[2015] Tabitha Boese: Animals in The Desert

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[2015] Tabitha Boese: Animals in The Desert

Animals In Hot Deserts

DingoesDingoes are found in the deserts of Austrailia. They have adapted by hunting kangaroos and small rabbits.

The SidewinderThe sidewinder lives in the desert. These snakes move in a side-to-side motion. They eat lizards, small mice, and sometimes birds. They usually hunt at night when it is cooler.During th eday they stay in either holes of other animals or they find shade under bushes.

The Black-tailed Jack Rabbit

Deserts are very dry climate due to the lack of precipitation. This poster focus's on hot deserts but there are also cold deserts. Most hot deserts are hot during the day and can become very cold at night. This makes deserts very difficult to live in plus the fact that they lack in water. Desert animals find ways to keep cool and adapt to this dramatic weather.


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