[2015] Julian Pak: Digital Footprint

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[2015] Julian Pak: Digital Footprint

This is how a wind turbine works. The wind blows the rotors which makes it spin. The movement of the rotors turn a gear which turns a electrical generator. That causes it to turn in to electrical energy and than it travels to your home

1. Wind Farms 2. Transportation 3.Windmills

A digital footprint is the information you leave online that can affect your future.

I predict my digital footprint will not go against me if I follow the 10 rules of flocabulary and post smart. All of my personal information will not be shared by other peoplelike where I live, my real name, etc.

You should start posting smart and follow the ten rules of Flocabulary. Don't just post anything without thinking what it might do to you in the future. Don't post something that can affect you poorly in the future.

1. Keep your info safe by posting smart and not just posting whatever.2. Keep good habits online3. Don't give out too much information online

What is a digital footprint?

What habits should you keep to have a postive dig. footprint

How to keep Personal Info safe

Predicting my Dig. FootPrint in the future.

What a safe profile pic is like

Understand terms of the internet


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