2015 Grampians Bushfire

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2015 Grampians Bushfire

2015 Grampians bushfire

In January 2015 a large bushfire swept through the Northern Grampians causing lots of damage to visitor sites, roads and walking tracks.

Many popular rock climbing and bouldering sites were also harmed. Lots of attractions were closed like the Grand Canyon for eight weeks, and lots of rock climbing areas closed for time to recover.

One house was destroyed and 350 people had to evacuate from the towns at the foothills of the Grampians luckily no one was killed or hurt.

The temperatures had hit 40c in the west with the winds gusting up to 90km per hour.

The scrub fire near Mill Hill Road, was travelling in a south direction towards the Princess Highway and the Bluff Burrungle.

Some people run a shelter for kangaroos it has been going for the past seven years, but the fire ripped through their property, while they managed to save some animals, lots died.

The fire was huge and had burned 13,000 hectares of land.

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