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Work for a cause not for applause, live life to express not to impress.

There is no doubt that the task of the fashion designer begins with creating the basic design. Fashion design initially begins in several ways. Some designers create storyboards with sketches of new ideas. Others prefer to work with a sewing dummy and begin to use various pieces of cloth to come up with a new design. During this phase of the creative process, the fashion designer is translating the vision that he or she has seen in the mind’s eye, and giving it some sort of outward expression. Often, the initial design is refined as the designer comes up with the first basic prototype.


My Dream Career~ Fashion Designer

Many people begin their fashion careers by getting a degree, or at least taking a few key courses, in clothing design and basic patterning. Actually making and designing garments is only a small part of most programs, though. In order to be successful in the “real world,” you’ll need to understand marketing — that is, how to sell your creations and drum up interest and demand — as well as more business-oriented skills like accounting and profits management. Most degree programs in fashion are broad enough to cover all the skills you’ll need to succeed, not just those you’ll need to get noticed.

First, I need to get an Associates of Arts Degree in Fashion Design. Then I need a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Design.I can first go start out at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), or I could go to the Art Institute of New York City.

I am Practical, Influental, and Structered.

Small documentry on Fashion Design

What Major would best prepare me?

What College can help me prepare for my career?

Summary: Design,Sell Clothes.Potential Salary: $51,770.00Education Needed:4 yrs. beyond HSSkill Sets:Creativity, Speaking, Leadership, and Art/ Sketching

A Day In The Life Of A Fashion Designer.

As I am growing up I am constantly with my family and we own Fashion Stores called N style Accessories.Eveytime I go there, there is always new clothes because the season is changing and so are the clothes. Everytime I go there I am always wondering what if i could design my own clothing line and sell it to other people, to make money I mean that is what all these people who made these clothes did.Then I also see all those Fashion Designers on T.V. being famous and I'm like I could be famous also, and it kind of fits my style profile all I need to do is start being creative, and I'll be one-hundred percent fit.:-)

Who or what inspired me?

I can go to school at the Art Institute of New York City.


I can work at the Nordstrom factory as an assistant designer.

What company can I work for?

Go to an art center and learn a little creativity.


What is my Next Step?


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