[2015] christa salik: Out of my mind by Sharon Draper

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[2015] christa salik: Out of my mind by Sharon Draper

Eleven-year-old Melody has a photographic memory, her head is like a camera that never stops recording but has no delete button. Melody has Ceberal Palsy and she cant talk, walk, or write her life requires an assistant. She's the smartest kid in her school but nobody knows it and nobody will unless she finds something to help her find her voice. Melody sits through the same boring preschool level lessons until they decide to put her and other kids in normal classes. Later in the year they find a piece of equipment that she types what she wants to say and the machine says it. That machine changed her life and everyone elses too.

Rose is one of Melody's only friends. However, she sometimes leaves Melody to hang out with Molly and Claire. Mr.Dimming is one of Melody's regular class teachers. He's not happy that Melody is in his class and doesn't treat her fairly.


All of this book takes place in the present time. (our time). In the time period of 2011-2012. This book takes place in multiple places. Main events take place at: Melodys school, house, airport, and the quiz compition.

Out of my mind

http://sharondraper.comHere's a good website to learn alot about this book!!

ThemeThe theme of this book is persistence. If you fall off your bike don't stop trying,try until you get it right. Melody kept trying until she got what she wanted. She wanted to be on the Whiz Kids team and she wanted a way to talk to people and she got both of those things.

ResolutionEverything gets solved when Melody goes to school and faces her fears. She is wondering what everyone thinks of her, and why her team just left her instead of notifying her that they were leaving. Melody also learns that her sister is okay and that she will not end up like her.

ConflictNobody likes Melody, they think she's weird because she is in a wheelchair and has Ceberal Palsy and can't do anything but make weird noises.

ClimaxThe climax was when Melody's left without telling her they were going to the brainiac finals.

" A person is so much more than the name of a diagnosis on a chart"-Sharon Draper-

" Thoughts need words. Words need a voice."-Sharon Draper-

GenreThe genre is realistic fiction.

Point of viewThe story is told by Melody's point of view.

ProtagonistThe protagonist in this is Melody

AUTHORSharon M. Draper


LevelsGrade level:4.3Lexile:700LDRA:40


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