[2015] Brenna Hickey: The Honest Truth

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[2015] Brenna Hickey: The Honest Truth

I think that the lesson this book teaches you is to always make the most of your life. I think that because Mark reall wanted to climb Mt. Rainier, and he knew that his time was running out. And Mark just decided to climb the Mountain, because it was always his dream.

Mark is braveMark is a very brave person in the book the Honest Truth. Some eveidence I have to support this is, one, on page 1 he ran away from home. Two, on page 176 he climbed Mt Rainier in a snow storm. Three, on page 199 he jupped over a crevasse, which if he fell into he could die. Lastly on page 42 Mark stood up to the bullies that were beating him up by saying NO when the bullies asked for his money.

Mount Rainier

The Honest Truth

This is the author of the book: Dan Gemeinheart

"I did'nt have to think of Beau. He still panted beside me. The friend who always was. Who followed me anywhere. Who pulled me out of freezing rivers and away from crevasses I did'nt see. Who jumped over death to be with me."-Mark. This quote shows how Beau is such a good friend to Mark.

Quote from the book:

Mark changed in the book The Honest Truth because in the begining of the book Mark is so sure that he wants to run away but then, in the end Mark relizes he wants to go home and that he misses his family.


The Lesson

Glog by: Brenna Hickey


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