[2014] MacKenzie Meyer (Child Development Qtr 1): Project 3

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[2014] MacKenzie Meyer (Child Development Qtr 1): Project 3

Project 3Thematic Unit

By: MacKenzie Meyer

Theme: Zoo

ConceptsAnimals live in different habitats.All animals make different noises.Zoo keepers take care of the animals.Some animals sleep during the day and some sleep at night.

ObjectivesChildren will be able to recognize habitats.Children will be able to recall animal noises.Children will be able to describe some of the tasks a zoo keeper does.Children will be able to differentiate between animals that sleep at night and during the day.

"Zookeeper says"-children act out motions given by a student (our idea)Musical chairs-children walk around to music and then sit in chair when music stops

SnacksTurkey and Cheese Sandwhiches in shapes of different animals (our idea)Muffins, and almonds to create a bear (http://www.babble.com/best-recipes/apple-bear-muffins/)

Movement, Math and Literacy Activites

Art Activities

Learn to count with monkeys!(our idea based off book, "Monkeys on the Bed.")

Learn to spell animal names in shaving cream! (our idea as well!)





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