[2014] laurenteresi1: George Eastman - Kodak Camera

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Inventors and Inventions

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[2014] laurenteresi1: George Eastman - Kodak Camera

George Eastman

Kodak Camera

George Eastman Kodak Camera

Eastman and Edison

Camera Advertisement


Camera Film

Camera Sketch

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110 Kodak Camera

Camera Commercial

George Eastman died March 14, 1932

The camera cost $45 in 1885in 2014 they cost $1150

George Eastman was born on July 12, 1854

Present-day Kodak Symbol

Kodak Camera with Flash cube

When you sent your camera film in you sent the whole camera and when they sent the pictures back. They also sent you a new camera.

Past Kodak Symbol

You can print your pictures in less than 30 minutes today depending on how many, it took them a while to print out the pictures from the film.

Today you can see your pictues as soon as you take them, back then they had to wait untill the pictures were printed.

Eastmans camera was called the brownie.

Eastman named the camera Kodak because "K" was his favorite letter.

For you to zoom in on the first camera that Eastman made you had to attach an additional piece to the lens.

Eastman was not the only one that helped to create the camera, he had a lot of people help him in the process.

Before Eastman created the camera he worked as a bank man.

Film was $1.15 in 1800

Eastman supported the military by developing unbreakable glass lenses for gas masks.

Eastman worked in his mothers house when creating the camera. His mothers name was Maria Kilbourn Eastman.

Eastman was just as much known for being a philathropist, then to be creating the camera.

"You press the button, we do the rest."

Eastman dropped out of highchool

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