[2014] Lacy Gripp (World History): Ancient China

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Ancient History

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[2014] Lacy Gripp (World History): Ancient China

Ancient China has a great variety of climate and terrains. Ancient China was known for it's vast heat, large and long rivers, and mountains. The Himalayas are located there. They are some of the highest mountains in the world. The top on the mountains are 154 metres below sea level. Also, South Ancient China was wet and Tropical while North East China was desert.

The Government of Ancient China was a type of Monarchy. The goverment was ruled by an Emperor and the royal family. Their government was also based of a Confucian model, which taught that a ruler was a virtuous man. The social structure of Ancient China was first the Emperor, then nobles and government officials. After that it went peasants, artisans, merchants, and slaves. Most of the people in Ancient China were peasants. Many of the people worked in rice fields. In fact China is the worlds largest rice producer.

Ancient China

The achievements of Ancient China were The Great Wall of China, The Terra Cotta Army, paper silk, and much more

Ancient Chinas Religion and beliefs were Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism

There were many important people in Ancient China. Mao was a big one he was the person who brought Ancient China to Communism. Next would be Shi Huangdi in 221 B.C.E he was the first Emperor of Ancient China. The last person was Wudi in 206 B.C.E he brought the Han empire to new heights.

Ancient China Map

A Film Festival in China. Shows the beautiful lanterns.

The Great Wall Of China built in Ancient China. A great achievement.

Fun Facts:-Biggest producers of rice.-Oldest civilization.-The existent culture of Ancients China has embedded roots over 6 millenia.


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