[2014] Gio Bernal (Class of 2017): Emperor Hadrian

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[2014] Gio Bernal (Class of 2017): Emperor Hadrian

Emperor Hadrian

Who?Emperor Hadrian, 14th Emperor of Rome, was born on January 24, 76 AD in either Rome or Italica, Hispania. His real name is Publius Aelius Hadrianus Augustus. To Rome, he is considered as one of the 5 good emperors, along with Nerva, Trajan, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius.

Why?Emperor Hadrian was important to the Roman history because he strengthened the empire so it would be more durable against attacks. He built Hadrian's Wall, that provided protection in Rome and The Temple of Venus and Roma, which was admired by the Romans, and it stills stands today.

How?Emperor Hadrian came into power at AD 117 beacause Trajan, who adopted Hadrian as his son, named Hadrian as heir to the throne before he died.

Where?While under Hadrian's control, the Roman empire did not expand. Instead, Hadrian had other plans, including strengthening the empire. One example of strengthening the empire was Hadrian's Wall. It spread along the Roman borders and protected parts of Rome from invaders.

AD 117 Hadrian Becomes EMperor Of Rome. V

Hadrians RuleAD 117-AD 138

AD 122 Hadrian begins construction on Hadrian's Wall.



AD 127 Baths Of Hadrian at Lepcis Magna are finished.


AD 133 Hadrian's wall had been placed in North England.


AD 138 Hadrian's death in Rome. V


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