2014 Fall Semestr - Newspaper Project

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2014 Fall Semestr - Newspaper Project

2014 Fall Semester

Time Line


Ferguson Outrage

January 14, 2015To Patricia Smith,New York Times,557 Broadway New York, NY 10012Re: Role Reversal October 27, 2014In your detailed and informative article, it is pleasing to see how it is able to create awareness on the petrifying and ridiculous way that racial prejudice is a trouble all over the world. It was completely ironic that about 70% of a country is left out in voicing their opinions and voting. It made me wonder how the racial discrimination can affect whole countries and is completely unnecessary. Also I found it extremely disturbing that just having a black judge is astonishing and it makes me feel a more negativity towards racial discrimination. As I read the article I saw the absurdity of how a black women judging a white man can be groundbreaking and new in South Africa. This made me open my eyes to how the racial prejudice in South Africa has such a large effect on the government of South Africa.This article also creates awareness on the racial prejudice because the fact that the black people in Africa,which includes over 70% of the population, did not have a voice due to racism and racial prejudice show the strength and power racial prejudice can have. Also, it shows the irony of how the South Africans were unable to voice out into their government even though it was their land. Furthermore the past of South of Africa, which includes Apartheid, creates racial tension in South Africa. The explanation on the tension in Africa gives awareness to the people that racial prejudice and tension should be left in the past and should stop because it is completely asinine to believe that a certain race is superior to another.Therefore, I am grateful for your opinion and agree with the arguments made in your article.Sincerely,Jackeline Amaya5172 Orange ave. Cypress, CA 90630

The articles show that the world is a place of voice. Many have their separate opinions and through the newspaper they are able to voice these opinions. Also, the articles show that the world is a very confusing and troublesome place due to how controversial almost every topic is. Looking at the articles, it is evident that much of the information that can be taken from it is very eye opening and interesting. Also, much of the information is able to teach young minds the basic norm in society. The articles are able to show young minds the rights and wrongs in the eyes of the society. Also, as we see in the article about the victim to sexual assault by a teacher, we see that teenagers can gain knowledge and can understand what to do and who to trust if they ever face a similar situation. Newspaper, in other words, should be read by young people so that they can learn of the basics of society and so that they can learn from others mistakes or see examples whenever there are achievements in the news.What I have gained from reading the news this semester was basic knowledge. I was able to learn new things and expanded my range of discussion topics. I also gained the ability to build stronger arguments and opinions towards worldwide topics. I also gained the ability to have an open mind on different opinions and read articles that have had different opinions than of my own. This helps me understand more on larger topics than I did before we read articles in this semester.

Lauryn Hills “Black Rage”Black rage is founded on blatant denialSqueezed economics, subsistence survivalDeafening silence and social controlBlack rage is founded on wounds in the soulWhen the dogs bitWhen the beatingsWhen I'm feeling sadI simply remember all these kinds of things and then I don't fear so badBlack rage is founded: who fed us self hatredLies and abuse, while we waited and waitedSpiritual treason, this grid and its cagesBlack rage is founded on these kind of thingsBlack rage is founded on draining and drainingThreatening your freedom to stop your complaining…Black rage is founded on blacking the truthMurder and crime, compromise and distortionSacrifice, sacrifice who makes this fortune?Greed, falsely called progressSuch human contortion,Black rage is founded on these kinds of thingsSo when the dogs bitWhen the beatings...I simply remember all these kinds of things and then I don't fear so badFree enterprise, is it myth or illusion?Forcing you back into purposed confusion…Victims of violence both psyche and bodyLife out of context is living ungodlyPolitics, politicsGreed falsely called wealthBlack rage is founded on denial of self” Through the lyrics of Lauryn Hills, the emotions and thoughts of all the people that were apart of the riot in the streets of ferguson were expressed.The way in which the lyrics are similar to the article is in the way that the writer of the article explained the emotions and the occurrences that were happening in the Ferguson Outrage. The writer was able to give all the details and explain the reason for the outrage. However the way in which these two documents differ is in the way that the lyrics justify and show why these outrages were brought upon by the law enforcement. The article, in the other hand, made the outrages in the streets of ferguson seem more disturbing and dangerous. Also the article had made the outrage on the incident in Ferguson seem unreasonable and sided with Darren Wilson, the officer that had killed Michael Brown and was the cause of the outrage. Also, in contrast to the lyrics of the song, the writer of the article looks in a more peaceful manner and believes that the outrage is not a proper way to face the problem while the lyrics fights on how there should be rage and that the rage was inevitable and brought upon by the government. These lyrics relate to my life in the way that it shows anger and passion. This connects to my life because when I feel something is against my moral judgement I get the the passion to seek justice. The way that these emotions connect to the world as a whole is that it is expresses the idea that governmental and social system is corrupted.

Role Reversal


To Kill or Not to Kill?



Loss of Innocence

Importance of the News

Trust(2011)Director: David Schwimmer A dark drama about the damaging effects an online sexual predator has on a family. Clive Owen and Catherine Keener will play the parents of a 14-year-old girl who are stunned to discover she has been victimized by an adult who gained her trust posing as a teenager on a chat room.The way in which this movie is similar to the occurrence in the article is the way that both the protagonist of the movie and the victim in the article were unable to tell anyone of what had happened and kept it a secret to hide their embarrassment and out of fear. Also what was similar between the both was that they both had seen the abuser as an idol or had a particular trust with them which made them much more vulnerable. A difference between the the victims is that the victim in the article knew their abuser personally and actually knew their abuser. Where in contrast, the victim in the movie only knew their victim through the web and the police was never able to find the sexual assaulter. The similarities in the coverage of the issue is that they both had showed the emotional damaging that the abuses had broughten and it showed how young minds were unable to speak out of fear and confusion. The difference is that the movie Trust had included the damage that this assault had on the victims family and surrounding. This movie relates to my life in the way that it teaches me that I should be able to trust my family enough to go to them when a disastrous incident happens such as being raped. This connects to the world as a whole as it is able to bring awareness to teenagers of the sexual predators and of the trust that is needed to be built with family and friends so that they can get help. In other words, it teaches teens everywhere that they must be able to trust and tell someone when something happens to them.

The news focuses on the way people interact and the different voices and opinions of the society. We see different percpectives in every news story and learn to voice our own opinions.


July 2014I have had countless nightmares of the night that I witnessed Joseph R Wood’s execution. The horrific execution had me wondering why anyone would want something so tortuous and cruel to happen to someone. I wonder of all the hate and the rage the people had towards the man before his execution. I see every execution as some type of twisted up way of revenge.Every night since Joseph Wood’s execution I hear the 640 gasps he had before he died, deep in my subconscious, lurking and haunting me. The chills that run through my body constantly remind me of the cruel and terrifying event I had witnessed. This experience has me completely against the death penalty. The death penalty has many strong arguments against it, and many people argue against it due to its costs. I do see how the costs of the executions can be a large and contributing argument, but I don’t see the executions as a problem due to its costs but by the way that its inhumane, immoral, and most of all savage. Although Joseph wood was a convicted murderer, he did not deserve the way he died. Many may argue that i am being insensitive to the family of the victim but I sincerely care about the victim as much as I do the murderer because they were both killed. The idea of the death penalty opens my eyes to the impurity of the society. I see the actions of the convicts and I frown upon the actions, but then I see the death penalty and I see how low the society must be to even consider killing a man, no matter of his past, for revenge, anger, and their interpretation of Justice.Again, many would see my thoughts as insensitive, personal, and biased, but I understand their thoughts because I too used to be on the same side. I used to see capital punishment as a way to get crime of the streets of the city and the way for families to get relief of the pain from the thoughts that the person that ruined their lives has the chance to get back into society. However, ever since I saw Wood’s botched and failed execution I saw how killing was still killing even though it was done by a syringe.I sincerely hope that now that I had put the swirling thoughts in my head on paper that I will be able to be free of my recurring nightmares.Thomas


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    I found your letter to the editor very interesting and eye opening. I did not fully understand the problems that were occurring in other areas of the world which also supports the initial answer to the question that yes, teens should read the news today.