[2016] Kaila Smith (Turnage 203): [2014] Ellie Vinson: The Effect of Water Temperatures on How Well

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Scientific Method

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[2016] Kaila Smith (Turnage 203): [2014] Ellie Vinson: The Effect of Water Temperatures on How Well

The Effect of Water Temperature on How Well Gelatin Sets

Procedure: 1. Unwrap unflavored gelatin package.2. Measure a tablespoon of gelatin.3. Place into one of the 3 containers.4. Repeat steps two and three for the remaining 2 containers.5. boil water6. After water boils, measure one cup and pour into one of the containers with the gelatin. 7. Stir for 30 seconds.8. Place into refrigerator for 3 hours.9. Set one cup of water in room for 5 hours to bring to room temperature.10. Add one cup of room temperature water to the second container with the gelatin mix. 11. Repeat steps 7 & 8.12. Put one cup of water into refrigerator until temperature reaches 50 degrees F. 13. Add the cold water to the third gelatin container. 14. Repeat steps 7 & 8. 15. After each container has been in the refrigerator for 3 hours, analyze which mixture has set in the most solid form. 16. Record data. 17. Repeat steps 1-16 two more times.

Constants:The gelatin ingredients, the kitchen tools, containers used to make the gelatin, the type of water (tap), thermometer, and the time stirred.

Materials: -Unflavored gelatin-tap water-3 identical containers-a thermometer -a spoon-a timer-tabelspoon measurer-1 cup measurer

Hypothesis:I hypothesize that the hot water will work the best because boiling water is what makes the protien chains stick together.

Purpose:The purpose of this experiment is to see if gelatin will set even though the temperatures of water will be different.

Independent/ Manipulated Variable: The different temperatures of water used to make the gelatin.

Dependent/ Responding Variable: How well the gelatin sets.

Results: The gelatin did set when I used the hot water to make the gelatin. The room temperature didn't quite set as much, instead it set on the bottom a little and it didn't set at all on the top. When using the cold water, after the three hours, it didn't set at all. It was completely liquid.

Conclusion:My hypothesis was right, that the hot/boiling water would work the best.

By: Ellie V.

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