[2014] Carter Maclin (Room 210): Desert IJP

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[2014] Carter Maclin (Room 210): Desert IJP

PLANTSSome desert plants are cacti. That is the most common plant in the desert. All cacti store water in their trunks to drink. The Agayes , another type of derert plant, the only one that has a stmota. It only opens at night when evaporation levels are low. The Occotillo plant only sprouts its leaves after rainfall. As the soil dryens, the leaves fall off, abiling itself to conserve water in it's steam.


.......Climate...........A desert can be very hot during the day. Suprisingly, it can get very cold at night.................................................................................

ANIMALSThere are many types of animals in the desert. Some have teeth, claws, and fur. But only one animal is venomas and protected by the U.S.A.that is the Gila monster. This pink and black lizard is something to be aware of. This monster is the only venomas lizard protected in North America. the horned lizard has 5 little horns on its head. they are their to discourage snakesfrom eating them. The Spadefoot Toadhas flat spurs on both of its feet. They can dig 3 ft. with them. they have water tight skins to keep in water. The spadefoot toad digs deep to make a burrow. Then it waits. And waits. And waits until the load pitter-patter of the rain awakens it.It digs out of the burrow, and sends a loud call which can be heard from 1 mile away, Then the females lay eggs. The eggs hatch after 12 hrs. Desert Iguanas have water tight skins. Unlike mammals,they dont lose water from their body surface. The fat sand rat of the Arabian desert is a cousion to a gerbil but has a thick layer of fat to overcome long dry periods.

Human InterferanceTheir is so little water in the desert, the water the plants do get are mostlty from rivers and wells. By removing fossil water, people are basicly, mining for water. When this water is gone, it's gone forever. Thats the killer of soil. When their is no water, the soil connot be fertile. It's a big problem. It's called Desertafication. 35% of the earths surface was effected by this progress.This is what happend.[look down]

How to fix human interferanceA way to prevent and reverse Desertafication is to restore key serveces to degraded areas. Another way to prevent is toDIG SOMEWHEREELSE!

Food Chainthis food chain are using the following animals:HawkFoxTarantulaScorpionlizardsnakeRodentsAnd Insects.

DecomposersDecomposers are in soil and help break down dead plants and animals. Then, they give it back to the soil. Their are no specific examples of decomposers in the desert. They prefere wetter climate.

Video: Desert Turtle'sHATCHING

Posted: Oct 10, 2014 7:38 PM CST Updated: Oct 10, 2014 10:55 PM CST CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -Google has taken its street view tool to the desert, according to a report.Google Maps is utilizing camels to get 'street view' pictures of the Liwa Desert, which is located in the United Arab Emirates.In the YouTube video's description, Google Arabia states, “Explore the Arabian desert of Liwa, like the travelers of the deserts have been doing for thousands of years.” The perspective of the desert from a camel's back is simply fascinating.Google said, “On your virtual trip through the desert, you'll find sand dunes that reach an astounding height of 25-40 meters. These rolling sandy hills were home to early settlers back in the Late Stone Age, making Liwa one of the oldest sites in the United Arab Emirates.”Report originally from FOX 59 Indianapolis-Fox



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