[2012] susan yang (Independent Study Group): glog

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[2012] susan yang (Independent Study Group): glog

Tsunami's are huge waves that cause great devastation on the coast line.

what it is...

Underwater earthquakes ,volcanic eruption, a sub-marine rockslide, or, more rarely, by an asteroid or meteroid.

what cause it...


SWAN (Simulating Waves until at Shore), a Delft University of Technology, has developed a DART buoy that detects changes in the sea level and BPR (Bottom Pressure Recorders).The DART buoy measures the seafloor. By measuring the increase of the seafloor, it tells you if a tsunami is coming or not.

technology use to predict

travels up to 800 kilometers or 500 miles per hours.

Can be 30 meters(98 feet) high



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