[2012] Scott Joy: scott joy- roaring twenties

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[2012] Scott Joy: scott joy- roaring twenties

The Roaring Twenties

Babe Ruth was one of the most famous baseball players ever. In the 1916 and 1918 world series Ruth pitched 29 consecutive scoreless innings. He had the highest batting average in 1924 which was .378

Speak EasiesAfter probihition people were craving alcohol. By the middle of the decade there were about 100000 speak easies in New York city alone. Speak easies were underground bars that were secret becuase the government outlawed alchohol. It is said that at Manhattan's 21 club there were 4 alarm buttons. There were also 5 secret liquor caches that could only be reached by trap doors and complicated switches.

Prohibition was the law that banned the consumption, transportation, and sale in the United states. The amendment was added in 1920 and was avolished in 1933.

Al Capone was one of the most famous gangsters in american history. He created a criminal empire. His gang sominated liqour, gambling guns and corrupted politics and government with bribes

The teapot dome affair was one of the biggest scandals in American history. Harding was persuaded to give government land to large oil barrons and recieved $300,000 dollars in cash, bonds and livestock.

Jazz was said to be the only form of arm to originate in the united states. Its a combination of black american music, African rhythms, and European harmonies.

The lost generation was the term used to describe Americans in Europe. In the book the sun rises stein describes how Americans in europe lose traditional faith , values, and personal direction

Hoover was president when the great depression hit. He was a wealthy buisness man before he held a public office. Hoover was incontrol of the United states food distribution to the allies.

Henry Ford created the first mass production affordabel automobile. He made his first gas powered engine in 1893



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