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[2012] Sara Lane: Glog

After the war ended, people wanted to forget about all their troubles, so with the help of technology, the advertising companies were as busy as ever with radio, T.V., and billboard ads.

Joan Crawford was one of the most famous flappers in the 1920s. She was in eighty movies, in which she was portrayed as a show girl, in a career that lasted several decades.

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre was when a bootlegging war between Al Capone and Johnny Torrio took a turn for the worst; when the police showed up. As a result, two of Johnny's men surrendered and seven men were dead.

During the 1920s, young girls from fifteen to women the age of twenty-five were bold and daring. These women were full of spunk and attitude. Women like that were called flappers. Flappers were known for their unique style. Their style consisted of short hair, sparkly straight dresses that ended just below the knee, and a lot of make-up.

Jazz was a popular type of music in the 1920s because it was a mixure of music the world had not heard before.

Speakeasies were illegal night clubs where flappers went to drink alcohol, dance, and flirt with men.

The Prohibition were laws that had been made to stop people from consuming, manufacturing, selling, and transporting alcoholic beverages.

In the twenties people were looking for new ways to occupy their time. So they found crazy things to do, like flag pole sitting and dance- a-thons.



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