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[2012] Preston K: Glog-5167

Our White HouseBy: David McCulloughThe book was published in 2008I rated it 41/2 stars because ittalked some facts about war and and it was a little boring.

The U.S had won a war to the British. They had a party at the white house. ex-president, Jefferson, from Monticello, speculated that the notion Congress, " a body containing 100 lawers in it, should direct the measures of war. Strong earthquake shocks( or bombs exploding) felt along the eastern seaboard in Feb. 1812. The British press, filled anxiety at Neponeon's power as he prepared to capture Moscow and conquer Russia. At a family dinner at the white house on a cold February evening, Richard Rush, son of Madison's old friend and colleague Dr. Benjamin Rush and newly part of the administration, nonetheless reported that the president, little as he is, unquestionly above in spirit and tone. Madison spoke to congress. The British grenaders burned down the white house. Amarican set fire to a navy yard to keep the British from having ships. They burned many capitals from the cities. The white house got rebuilt and made Amarica feel stronger.

I would recomend to this book only if they they like military or war.

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Madison and my parents are alike because hey are both leaders. How are they different is Madison is a leader in a army and my parents is the leader of the family.



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