[2012] Preston Insetta: Glog

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[2012] Preston Insetta: Glog

Louis Armstrong


The Gangsters Rise

Jazz Magazine

Al Capone

A Group of mobsters.

Gangsters were very violent criminals and were powerful during the 1920's. This made them very popular with the public. Gangsters were ruthless and brought fear to their neighborhoods. Most of these gangs would control entire neghiborhoods in big cities such as Detroit, Chicago and New York.

New York was where one of Americas most famous gangsters started his carrer and his name was Al Capone. Al Capone for a decade controlled over most of Chicago. He gained wealth, power and dealt ruthlessly with his rivals.

The Teapot Dome Scandel

Louis Armstrong, was one of the most famous musicians in jazz history. He gained recognition for being in the greatest jazz cortets and as a trumpet player in the 20s. People all over the world love to listen and dance to his mucsic.

Gangsters would grow rich from running speakeasies, selling illegal liqours and gambling. Some mobsters would bribe local cops with money to look the other way so they could perform these illegal activities.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was a big impact to the 20's. He brought many fans to the stadiums with his streak of homeruns and his amazing batting adverage.

The Jazz Age

1920 Fads!

Was one of the most famous motion picture stars in the 1920's. At the time, he was called the funniest man in the world and his films were enjoyed by people of all ages.

Charlie Chaplin




The Teapot Dome Scandel was a notorious scandel in government history. A secratary member had persuaded President Harding to transfer control of 3 oil reserves from the Navy department to the department of interior.

Jazz played a major role in the 20s. It was the time known as the golden age of jazz. There was great music and jazz performers that people would go to see and enjoyed dancing to. A popular dance in the 1920's was the Charleston.

Babe Ruth

The model T was concidered as the first affordable automobile in the 20s and was the first mass produced automobile.

On Febuary 1929 Al capone's men executed seven other gang members from a rival gang. This was known as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Model T

St. Valentines Day Massacre



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