[2012] Matthew Sides: Roaring twenties glog

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[2012] Matthew Sides: Roaring twenties glog

Gangsters of the twenties were more for the parties and also the money. One of the most known ggangster was Al Capone. He was mostly known and feared by other gangs and targets. He was like the boss of his company. Him and his gang had other rival gangs that fought whenever they met. Their fighting wasnt with fists but with mostly guns and brass nucles. gangsters would use this money and power to control towns and get high price things. They created nicknames for one another. Gangs back then were the causes of many deaths.

Henry Ford's invention of the convair belt was the main reason why he gained so much of the Model-T. The car made it easy and affordable to own and drive the car.

Senator Albert B. Fall leased the Teapot Dome to a major oil company and recieve large amounts of money for it without the rest of the government knowing. He ws caught by Thomas J. Walsh.

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre was the most infamous gang killings of all america. It happened at a garage at 2122 N. Clark st.. Al's gang had forced another gang int a garage and filled them with blasts of bullet wounds and shotgun rounds.

"We Want Beer" The prohibition amendment(18th) was created to decrease the amount of beer, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, and wine that were sold, shipped, and used to drink. this amendment caused many american citizens to protest. This amendment was the first amendment ever repealed in american history. It was abolished in 1933.

Flappers were young girls that wore cloths hat were not common in society and they would dance in different ways .

The Lost Generation had come to define a group of american writers who helped esablish many of the stylistic and thematic foundation of modern literature.

one invention of the 1920 was the radio wich could send messages through a stream and be heard by the people on the other side. this invention helped creat more of a social contry and make news were they could hear instead of read.

Jazz music was and still is listened to and washed by many people. Jazz is a mix of instruments with little words invold if not any. one famous jazz players was George Gershwin. Jazz helped ro make the country exiting, joyful, and entertaining.



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