[2012] Kenneth K: The Long Lost Map

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[2012] Kenneth K: The Long Lost Map

just mix what you wantYour CREATIVITY has no limits!

This story is about three kids who go into the future by a portal that opened by itself. The portal took them to eygpt in the past and met a young princess.

By: Pierdomenico Baccalario

The Long Lost MapBy: Ulysses Moore

While the kids were in the past trying to find the long lost map to get home, at the present the little sister of one of the kids in the past was being cared for by a guy named Nestor.

Me when three!

In the story there is a boy named Richard who loves to eat. The thing that was different he eat's a lot and I only ate a lot once. : )

This story is mostly about four kids from the future who went to the past to find the long lost map with the help of an eygtian princess. When they were in the past a woman who was rich whated the long lost map. So she sent a guy to capture one of the guy's in the past little sister. The little sisters name was lilly , but lil for short . She was hiding with this old man named Nester who was protecting her from the guy who was trying to capture her so the woman could get the map. The guy's in the past where be hunted by an evil egyptian who wanted to rule eygpt so he needed the map. The map has magic powers to let go to the future or past as you please. Thats why the guy's in the past wanted the map. They wanted to go home. Finally they find the map right before the evil egyptian got there. So they go home and find out that Nester was fight the guy who wanted to get lilly. Then lilly hit the guy with the shuvel. Then they hid this house called the " House of Mirror's" , but that is the next book.

P words: princess, prepare, protect, past, problem, and people. F words: friends, fight, fire, find, fear, food.

4.9 stars because it was good in most part, but it was boring in others.

July 1, 2006

Yes I would recommend this book to a friend because it was a good, it's exiting, it is a funny book too.


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