[2012] Jared Faulk: History

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[2012] Jared Faulk: History

Al Capone was the most famous and powerful gangster in US history. He built a large criminal empire in Chicago that is a model for today's crime operations.

Jazz has been considered the only art form of music to originate in the US. Jazz became most polular in the 1920's and continues to grow and prosper in the music world today.

Babe Ruth was a famous baseball player that made history. Babe Ruth was known mostly for his hitting, but he started his career off as a pitcher. He was a good pitcher and even had the best ERA (earned runs allowed) in the Major Leagues at one point. Then he was recognized as a hitter and attracted many fans. Ruth hit the most homeruns in one season, with 60. He held the record for a very long time until Roger Maris broke his record in 1961 with 61 homeruns.

Clara Bow was the symbol of a flapper. Bow inspired many other woman to be rebellious and scandalous like her.

The Lost Generation is the decade after WWI. It was a time of low morale, little hope, and lack of motivation in the US.

Speakeasies were establishments set up to sell illegal beverages. This has resulted in some black markets today.

Henry Ford created the assembly line to produce cars cheaper and faster. This helped influence all car productions today. He also created the Model T car, so that normal citizens could afford a car.

The lie detector was invented in 1921 by John Larson. The lie detector helps police and other criminal investigators today with finding out the truth.

Flapper dresses were a big fad in the 1920's. It changed how women would wear dresses without being so formal and full length.

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