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[2012] Jacob Jung: Glog

Prohibition was the time in the 1920's when alcohol and other intoxicating liquors were banned. The 18th Amendment was passed to authorize this but, many people ignored this new law and continued to drink illegally. These people were called bootleggers. Bootleggers would smuggle beer, liquor, moonshine, etc. and this became a big business. Much of the illegal drinking would take place in underground saloons called speak-easies. Many people made "booze" at home. The Government had buildings where they had alcohol for "safekeeping." Many gangsters would steal from these warehouses and when prohibition was over, 20 million gallons had been stolen. Prohibition was lifted on December 5, 1933, when the 21st Amendment was passed.

The Dry 20's

Companies began to focus on marketing their products in a more consumer friendly fashion. Companies began using celebrities and sports figures to sell their products. Coke advertising switched from marketing it as a headache helper to a refreshment used for personal enjoyment. Without advertisement like this, some companies may not be as big as they were and are today.

There were many new inventions of this decade. The first successful liquid-fueled rocket was one of these. The rocket was invented by Robert Goddard in 1926. This was the ancestor of Germany’s V2 missile and modern space launch vehicles.

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre was a result of a clash between the gangs of Al Capone and George “Bugs” Moran. As a result, seven of Moran’s men were killed execution style. These were the most famous gang killings of that time and were the result of clashes over illegal activities related to Prohibition.

Speak-easies were underground bars where people served illegal liquor. There were 100,000 of these in New York City alone. Federals said that 45th street was the wettest street in the country. Speak-easies showed the lawlessness of the era.

Many famous gangsters became known in the 1920’s because of Prohibition. By making alcohol illegal, many people became law breakers in order to make money. Fighting over territories, bribing policemen and smuggling became the order of the day. It is thought that over 500 murders can be attributed to these gangsters. Al Capone, from Chicago, is one of the most famous gangsters from that time.

The 1920’s was also known as the Jazz Age. The music was upbeat and had a fast tempo. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington were popular performers of that time. The music represented how many people approached life during those days.

Babe Ruth was arguably one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees for $125,000. Many thought this trade cursed the Red Sox for over 70 years. He gave people a hero to root for. He truly is the Great Bambino.

The model T was the brainchild of Henry Ford. The inexpensive car was created by Ford in 1908. The lower price allowed more people to hit the road in their Model T.



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