[2012] Henry K: The City of Ember glog

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[2012] Henry K: The City of Ember glog

Title The City of EmberAthor Jeanne DuPraupublished may 13,2005

sumary At school that was the day that Doon and Lina where going to get there jobs.Doon and Lina where a little different. In the middle of it all doon finds a door that leeds to a place where there is a lot of food that the mayor was eating and gets attacked by by this star nose mole thing. At the end they get into the genrator and doons boss got them out in a boat which led them to the out side. Then they found a rock and put a peice of paper on it.Than threw it down to ember.

4 syllbals genarator3syllbals messenger2 syllbalLina, Poppy1 syllbalslight ,Doon

I would compare doon with my big brother Bill. I think that they both solve probloms. the differents are doon lives under ground,and my big brother lives above ground.

i rate this five stars because it was a really good book. yes i would recemend this book to a friend.



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