[2012] Grayson York: Graysonyork 20's

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[2012] Grayson York: Graysonyork 20's

Until the 1920's advertising was not what it is today. It was originally used simply to inform the public about the product in an interesting way so they would know what they were buying. The new advertising had a new philosophy, which was to convince the customer to buy the product by any means neccesary. The new ads also used psychology to appeal to people's secret wishes such as wealth or beauty. This led to a booming new industry which brought great wealth to many and great annoyance to others.

Prohibition was the result of a constitutional amendment which made drinking alcohol illegal, completely contrary to the free spirit of the 20's. This amendment was ignored by many Americans and was nearly impossible to enforce. It was repealed in 1933.

Calvin coolidge inherited the presidency from Warren J. Harding in 1923 and proceeded to remove all of the corrupt officials who had crippled the Harding administration. This spirit of change rang through everything else in the 20's, and it is quite lucky that it extended to the presidency.

The 20's was a time not only of fun but also of gang violence. This is made evident by the St. Valentines Day massacre in which seven gang members were murdered in a garage by four rival gang members dressed as police officers.

The new 20's advertising brought with it the "buy now pay later" slogan which reflected the "live in the moment" spirit. This slogan led to the illusion of great wealth and prosperity which was shattered by the great depression.

Prohibition led to a large amount of gang violence due to the extreme profits which could be made from alcohol smuggling. Sadly this is one of the things that the 20's are known for now.

The Teapot Dome Scandal was one of the most infamous scandals in U.S. history. This scandal came from two oil companies bribing Albert B. Fall to lease them government land in exhange for $300,000.

When prohibition was active many people still drank alcohol and many times bought it from speakeasies. A speakeasy is a bar in which people can buy illegal alcohol. They were generally run by gangsters

Henry Ford created the model T as a car for the masses. Its cheap design and the "buy now pay later" slogan caused the amount of cars owned by Americans to increase from seven million to twenty-three million.

The Twenties: A Time of Change

"Buy Now Pay Later"


Calvin Coolidge


Henry Ford and the model T



St. Valentines Day Massacre

Teapot Dome Scandal


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