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Social Studies

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[2012] Garrett Fowler: Garrett's Glog

Prohibition was part of the Eighteenth Amendment, protecting families from alcohol. Prohibition began on January 16, 1920, and even though alcohol was illegal, it was still sold in secretive places.

Prohibition caused serious crime to begin which caused gangsters to appear in large cities. Gangsters took over bootlegging; selling alcohol illegally.

Babe Ruth was a pitcher for the Boston Red Socks and he was traded to the Yankees in 1919. The Yankees discovered what a great hitter he was. Babe Ruth shattered the homerun record from 20 to 59 and then 60 in a season which made baseball livelier and more exciting. The radio became popular, and more people were able to listen to his games so he became famous. Babe Ruth changed baseball from a one-run game to a power game. With that, baseball exploded with popularity. Babe Ruth was the reason baseball became the national pastime. He was a hero. In 1923 the Yankees built the first modern baseball stadium. It was the biggest stadium at that time. Ruth hit the first homerun in the stadium and shattered many records. Yankee Stadium was now known as “The House that Ruth built”.

Henry Ford wanted to bring the automobile to the common man, instead of just rich people. He was an original inventor of the production line assembly in factories, and he hoped one day everyone could have an automobile.

In 1929, seven mob associates were murdered as part of the prohibition era conflict. Al Capone hired gangsters to kill these men so that he would not be recognized. This was known as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre because it occurred on February 14, 1929.

Edward "Duke" Ellington was a leader of jazz movement. He was a talented piano player , but the orchestra was his principle instrument. Duke Ellington was one of the greatest Jazz artists of the 1920's.

African American jazz culture had an amazing influence upon poular culture in the 1920's due to the availibility of these recordings to white, middle, and upper class listeners.

Louis Armstrong was a musician who produced jazz music. He played the trumpet and the cornet, which mached his strange personality.

In the 1920's, a new type of woman was born. Women with short hair who smoked, danced, and went to parties were known as flappers.


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