[2012] Devin Randal: devinrandal

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Social Studies

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[2012] Devin Randal: devinrandal

the model t was attomobile was an affordabill to the common. the model t sold more than 23 milloen cars. the model t was invvented by henry ford.

How the 1920's help shape America

Al capone was a famous gangster who was blamed for the st. valentine's massacre.

the automobile was imprvioed dueing the 1920's an examel is electic self starter.

the lost geniration is a group of ameircan writhers that lived in france

Amierca during the 1920's was liveing life in the now tmes

in the 1920's jazz became huge.

the teapot dome scandale that the ohio gang was blamed for.

harding, coolidge, and hoover were presidents during the 1920's

during the 1920's prohation the 18th amendment was passed it was the only amendment that was repealed.


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