[2012] Catherine Cavenaugh: The Roaring Twenties

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[2012] Catherine Cavenaugh: The Roaring Twenties

The Lost Generation was a group of writers who lived and rose to prominence in Europe during the 1920's. They wrote a novel called "The Sun Also Rises" that describe the losses of traditional faith, values, and personal direction among a group of Americans living in Europe. The Lost Generation made people of the twenties think about what they could be doing wrong.

Duke Ellington was an American bandleader, composer, and pianist he lived from 1899 to 1974. Duke Ellington gave the Twenties a jazz like theme by providing jazz music to define the decade. The Ellington band was the house band at the Cotton Club in Harlem from 1927 to 1932.

President Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States was in office from 1923 to 1929. Through Coolidge's public statements he encouraged reckless stock market then left the United States unprepared for the economic collapse to occur. He chose not to be renominated in 1928.

On October 1st 1908 Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company came out with the Model T each costing only $950. Then in 1913 Ford's engineers developed a new way of processing vehicles called the assembly line. By about 1918 when Model T's cost about $500 nearly half the cars in America were Model T's giving people of the Twenties a great source of transportation.

The Teapot Dome scandal was an oil reserve scandal that began during the administration of President Harding.The oil was set aside for the navy by President Wiilson but Albert Fall leased with out bidding the Teapot Dome fields. That made theTtwenties economy terrible.

During the Twenties people were enjoying new inventions such as electric refrigerators, hair dryers, radios, and food mixers. These new inventions allowed the markets to sell more but even then the economy.

Speakeasies were underground drinking places that sprang up when Prohibition enforcers closed saloons. They represented the outlawness of the Twenties and how much people really need their drinks.

The Eighteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution in 1920 prohibiting alcohol. Soldiers coming back from war wanted to celebrate with alcohol and parties and the economy boomed. The nation's mood created an increase of demand for alcohol just as it became illegal.

In Cbicago during the 1920s gangs made tons of money from illegal liquor and the associated protection and vice rackets. In 1924 violence broke out between the Italian-Sicilian mob on Chicago's South Side and the Irish-Jewish crew on the North Side. On St. Valentine's Day two men in a police car walked into a garage and about 8 minutes later after alot of noise walked out with three captives with thier hands up. The neighbors investigated the scene and found 6 dead men and one who was still dying. After long investigation they accused two Capone gunmen. They were both then murdered.

Lost Generation

Prohibition and Amendments



President Coolidge

Teapot Dome Scandal

Henry Ford and Model T

Duke Ellington

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Roaring Twenties


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