[2012] Brynn Freeman: Brynn Lewis A.

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[2012] Brynn Freeman: Brynn Lewis A.

Lewis Armstrong

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was fostered by a man named Jack Dunn who was the owner of the Baltimore Orioles. He hit a total of 714 home runs in his career.


The 18th amendment was ratified in 1919 and had banned the sale of intoxicating liquors. At twelve AM on January 16, 1920, the federal Volstead Act cloded every tavern, bar and saloon in the US.

Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington was a gifted musician and was given his nickname because of his love to look good.

The people who survived the war into the 1920s said that their lives were being neatly divided into a befor, during, and an after most said it as in their lives like youth, young manhood, and maturity.

The Lost Generation

Henry Ford's Model T

The model T quickley became a prized low cost nessecity for the common people. It was know to be durable and easy to build so Henry Ford quickley became a millionare."I can make it in any color you like, as long as you like black." -Henry Ford


Jazz origionated from Africa and was brought to America when the Slave Trade was used. It still uses drums as the beat and danceing like when it was used in Africa.


Flappers were women who looked for new style. Many people thing they got the name flapper from when they didn't button their buttons on their jackets and they flapped in the wind.


Speakeasies were illeagal bars hidden from the government. They sold illegal alchohol and asked the drinkers to hid it in their laps and not put them on the floor.

Lewis Armstrong was born in New Orleans and was so poor that if someone gave him a penny he had to put it in his mouth because he didn't have pockets. He had such a deep voice his friends gave him the nickname "Dippermouth" or "Satchelmouth". But his voice gave him a job to hand out newspapers, people a mile away could hear him. His biggest dream was to play a trumpet and on New Year's Eve, 1913, he got his dream. At first he played tamberine in the Waifs' Band, later he played the drums in the piece "At the Animals' Ball." After that he was a school bugler, and finally the band master gave him him his first trumpet to play. He was so happy he kissed the trumpet and after school took it to a tool shop and fixed it up so it fit his lips better.


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