[2012] Britt Oliver (6th Grade Science): Planet Glog

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[2012] Britt Oliver (6th Grade Science): Planet Glog


The plantet has an atmusphere when it is cloce to the sun so the ice can melt.

the temperature is -375 farhenhite.

The last plant in the solar syatem . Pluto is 3.7 billion miles frome the sun.

The surface of Pluto is icy.

Pluto can't have food. And it is to cold for people. There is no vegetation on Pluto.

Mickey Mous's god Pluto is named after the planet.pluto is a dwarf planet.Clydy Tombaugh found the planet.Pluto is named by an 11-year-old girl.It takes 10 years for a space ship to get there.

The diameter is 1,422 miles.


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