[2012] Brandon Mack: Brandon Mack Roaring Twenties

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Social Studies

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[2012] Brandon Mack: Brandon Mack Roaring Twenties

We are some of the Lost Generation or American writers. We helped start modern literature.

The "Buy Now Pay Later" slogan was started in the twenties. It was an early form of credit cards and types of debt.

In the nineteen twenties there were many inventions. Some of the inventions are visible on this page. If inventions like radios, televisions, and refridgerators were not invented the world would not be the same

The Roaring Twenties

Al Capone was a famous gangster who built the ctiminal empire in Chicago.

Prohibition was started to make Americans stop drinking alcoholic beverages. Even though it was illegal, most Americans still drank and some drank even more.

President Harding was elected in 1920. Harding said what the people wanted: to get back to their daily lives

The Ford Model T was invented by Henry Ford, who could make this car in 90 minutes compared to 12 hours.

Peanut butter and jelly was one of many fads started in the twenties. Some others were Band-aids, Felix the Cat, flappers, pole sitting and also smoking cigarettes.

These are some of the advertisements from the twenties. Advertising was common in newspapers and on television.



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