[2012] Braden P: Glog

by myswede
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[2012] Braden P: Glog

1.The Time Warp Tio Me Oh Maya. 2. Jon Scieszka3. 20034. *** It was good in some parts and not so cool in others.

3 kids went to the ruinds and almost got killed.

This person reminds me of a good friend because when something bad happens she goes right back up and tries it again. The difference is she did not have to go to the miens to be brave.

I would not recommend this book to a friend because it was boring,it was about basketball. I don't like it and it was just plain bad.

Objects used int he book. Basketball, rope, book, spears, knives,hat,chalk, parrots, skull necklace, chicken, feathers and shields.



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