[2012] Blythe Drucker: 1920s Project - Blythe Drucker

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[2012] Blythe Drucker: 1920s Project - Blythe Drucker

Flappers were known for thier partying, love of dancing and rebellious fun.They changed the way of life and fashion for women of the 1920s.

Clara Bow

Clara Bow was a silent movie actress. Her career lasted throungh the 1920s and then ended after scandals and emotional and mental difficulties.



In the 1920s gangsters commited violent murder. They did this to protect thier sections of the illegal alcohol market.

During prohibition people went to speakeasies. to drink . Speakeasies were places that secretly sold alcoholic beverages illegally.


Prohibition was a time in which alcohol was banned. The 18th Amendment was the amendment that banned alcohol use. It lasted from 1920-1933


Throughout the 1920s jazz musicians transformed simple music into more complex tunes. They began a new form of singing known as scat, which earned the 1920s the name for the Golden Age of Jazz.


The Lost Generation

In Chicage, gang violence was common during the 1920s,. On Valentines Day, Al Capone's gang dressed as police officers and shot down members of Bugs Moran's gang .

St. Valentines Day Massacre

At the time of the 1920s a group of American writers flourished in Europe. They are known as the Lost Generation.

Calvin Coolidge

On July 4, 1872, Victoria Collidge gave birth to John Calvin Coolidge who would later drop the John.. Calvin Coolidge grew up in central Vermont. He went to college at Amherst University and graduated cum laude in 1895. He began his career in politics in 1896 and won many elections for roles such as senator and lieutenant governor. He became president after President Harding died. He took this role as many scandals became public. President Coolidge delt with them by forcing resignation of all officials who had been involved. President Coolidge's time in the White House lasted from 1923-1929.



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