[2012] Austin Scronce: Austin Scronce Roaring Twenties

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[2012] Austin Scronce: Austin Scronce Roaring Twenties

A new invention of the 1920s was speech transmission by radio made public radio broadcasting possible. This allowed families to learn news, sport scores, and other events quicker.

Flappers were modernized young girls that had free flowing lifestyles. The flappers showed the 1920s changed young women drastically.

The Lost Generation was a group of Americans that rejected what they considered to be narrow-mindedness and materialism that followed the end of the Great War. They were described as losing traditional faith and values that other Americans held dear.

In the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre gangster Al Capone ordered two of his gang members and some hitmen were ordered to kill Moran. Moran was Al Capone’s rival but Moran was not there, but the six men they killed were Moran gang members. This showed people around the country that despite the prosperity they had that there was still crime.

Speakeasies were illegal bars that where underneath a front which was a cover up business. After a while speakeasies became more than bars and became places that people did things that were frowned upon in that society.

The 1920s were the golden age of jazz because of the new invention of radio and because of the Charleston which was a popular dance that went with jazz. Jazz was heard around the country and was the popular music for this time period.

Al Capone one of the most famous gangsters of this era was a ruthless cold hearted man. The 1920s in spite of the prosperity that it had was also a bloody time in American history.

The Model T was Ford Motor Company’s (FMC) first simple affordable car. To make it affordable FMC cut out the middleman and they got all the materials by themselves.

In 1920 passed the 18th Amendment which prohibits the consumption of alcoholic drinks with an alcohol level of .5 and illegalized the importations and exportations of alcohol. Although the government thought it was a good idea they didn’t expect what followed in its wake. All over the country speakeasies sprang up and to not get caught they paid off the local police. This Amendment also made a big business in “bootlegging” these were people who were paid very well to smuggle liquor and other drinks into the US. In 1933 US Congress passed the 23rd Amendment which ended prohibition.


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