[2012] ann scherer (Class of 2017): Roman history project

by nfsteacher
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[2012] ann scherer (Class of 2017): Roman history project

How does Roman Architectureaffect dily life?

Roman architecture is a very important part of our past, and without it people would not have created some of our most important buildings. For example, some of our old historic libraries, and the white house would not be standing today. The time of the romans was a very productive time, for example that was the time that the first sewers were invented, the first public toilets, the first public baths, and the first catapults. However being great inventors comes with a price, there were many inventions so therefore there were even more mistakes. This goes to show that the romans had perseverance and did not quit easily. The romans were the most important architects in our history because they invented the arch, the column and roads. The romans were also sophisticated in the arts of battle, so that means that they concord a lot of land and got some of their brilliant Ideas from the opposite side and made them even better. They found out about limestone and marble and used them to make their structures, they used volcanic rocks to make bricks, and they made their own mortar. The romans also invented stuco one of their helpful inventions when it comes to 265 year old houses, they put stucco on the outside of their houses as a sealant to keep the rain away from the riverbed stones that they would build the house out of. When the romans found out about marbel, they used it for a very high price because it was harder to work with than the volcanic rocks that they were used to using. All in all the romans were very good architects.



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