[2011] Erick: Glog

by acwood
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[2011] Erick: Glog

My name is Erick and I have many friends, as you have read before. My friends are very close to me regardless of personality.

These are my grades, and my favorite sports. Including Football(which i couldn't find in graphics). Anyway, I work hard to mantain my grades and to be great at my three sports.

My friends are not typical. They have many personalities, such as: weird, insane, and nice.As you read on you will meet Oliver. I classify him as weird.

Some might say I am a maniac and weird, but I believe( I warn you I am not modest sometimes.) I am intellegent, athletic, helpful, and a good friend. I did warn you so don't be surprised.

The favorite of my three sports is.......Football! The sport has let me express my anger and stress my sisters provide me with. If you didn't catch on this means my sisters bug me!!

I have a one dog named Lucky, a Guinea Pig named Penelopi, and another one named Viola.

This is one of my closest friends, Oliver.

This is me!!!!!

I dare you to listen to all my songs; they are my favorite of about googleplex(it's a number with a hundred zeros.)



  • acwood 10 years ago

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    Your ideas are beginning to surface. Make sure to express them as eloquently as you do when writing an essay. Vocabulary! Paragraphs! Figurative language! Don't forget everything we've learned. I want to see it with some pizzaz out here. Also, weird. It breaks the 'i before e rule.' :)