2010 timeline of changes

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2010 timeline of changes

March 11, 2010ABOR approves tuition increase proposal and campus-wide facilities fee; combines approved economic surcharge with increase

March 1, 2010ABOR holds public hearing for tuition proposal

Feb. 12, 2010Graduate USG approves facilities fee

Feb 19, 2010ASU proposes 2-year tuition increase; doubled economic surcharge

Jan. 22, 2010USG holds town hall meeting about proposed facilities fee

Feb. 2, 2010USG approves languae of fee proposed by AZ PIRG

Feb. 9, 2010Tempe USG approves facilities fee

April 8, 2010All campuses with AZ PIRG fee on the ballot vote down the initiative in record voter turnout

Feb. 5, 2010ASU downtown USG votes against facilities fee


March 26, 2010Students rally in support of proposition 100

April 6, 2010AZ PIRG carries out aggressive campaign for student support of proposed fee



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