[2010] Sawyer Paulson: Book Report

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[2010] Sawyer Paulson: Book Report

Under the Blood-Red Sun

Author Graham Salisbury is the author of Under the Blood-Red Sun. His family has lived in Hawaii since the 1800's. He grew up on Oahu. Graham went to California State University and Vermont University. He now live sin Portland, Oregon with his family. Other books that Graham Salisbury wrote are Blue Skin of the Sea, Shark Bait, Lord of the deep, and Eyes of the Emperor.

Summary Under the Blood-Red Sun, is about a Japanese-American boy named Tomi. Tomi lives in Hawaii with his mom, sister, dad, and grandpa. They live on the property of the people that Tomi's mom works for. Tomi's best friend is his neighbor Billy. They love baseball and are on a baseball team called the Rats. When the Japenese bomb Pearl Harbor Tomi's world suddenly turns up-side-down. First his mom is fired from her job as a maid. Then his fathers fishing boat gets shot at and kills Sanji the deck hand all because they didn't have an American flag. Tomi's father is arrested. Without his mom job and dads job the only income is his grandpa's chicken eggs. Later the son of the people who used to employ Tomi's mom (Keet) tells the police that Tomi's dad's racing pigeons were being used to send messages to Japan. The police made Tomi and his grandpa slit everyone of their necks. A few days later Keet's mom comes and tell Tomi's mom that she can come and work for them again. Then Keet tells the police that Tomi's granpa was waving the Japanese flag. The police later came and arrested him. Tomi knows that if he goes and retaliates his mother would get fired. In the end Tomi and his family learns to live without their grandpa and dad, but they still believe that they will return one day.

CharactersTomi- A Japanese-American boy who lives with his mom, dad, sister, and grandpa. His best friend is his neighbor Billy. He loves basebal, and is on the Rats with Billy.Billy- Is Tomi's neighbor and best friend. Billy loves baseball and is the best player on the Rats.Grandpa- Is Tomi's grandpa. He was born in Japan, and doesn't understand that he lives in America.Keet- Used to be Tomi's best friend, but now hates Tomi. He is the one who got Tomi's grandpa arrested and got the pigeons killed.

Setting The setting in Under the Blood-Red Sun is in Oahu, Hawaii durning 1941-1942. Tomi lives in a small shack near a jungle.

Research An event that was taking place at this time was World War II. World War II lasted from 1939-1945. Almost every nation in the world was involved in World War II. There were two sides the Allies and Axis. 50-70 million people died in the war. On December 17, 1941 Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The war ended in 1945 when Japan and Germany lost in battle.

Research Adolf Hitler was a very well known person during the time Under the Blood-Red Sun took place. Adolf was born April 20, 1889 in Austria. He was the fourth of the six kids in his family. He was a soldier in World War I. He was also a artist, writer, and politician. In World War II he gained popularity, and became very high ranking. Because of the Holocaust 11-17 million people died in concentration camps. On April 30, 1945 Hitler commited suicide with his wife Eva Braun. They had been married two days.

Opinion I thought that the book was very good. It was very well written, and tought me about being a Japanese-American in American during World War II. I would recommend this book to anyone.


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