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[2010] Rachel: glog-2627

How Has the Economy Improved Since 2009?Kara, Landry, Rachel,Grace, Kalan, and Andrew

Rachel #58January 26, 2010According to data released moments ago by the National Association of Realtors, October pending home sales were up 3.7 percent in October, compared to September, and up 32 percent versus October 2009--the biggest annual increase in history. Remember, though, October 2009 was a historic trough, so a year later, there was nowhere to go but up.Pending home sales -- this number of contracts signed, not actual closings -- rose in all sections of the country except the West. They were up 20 percent in the Northeast, 11.6 percent in the Midwest and 5.4 percent in the South, but down 11.2 percent in the West, which is not surprising, because that's where the most overbuilt states -- California, Arizona, Nevada -- are.Part of the surge is probably attributable to buyers rushing to take advantage of the government-subsidized first-time home buyer's credit, which was set to expire at the end of November but now has been extended through April. Also, the bulk of sales still are coming from cheaper houses, with little movement in houses costing more than $250,000.

Kara #68 January 26, 2010Chair Warren talks about how the economy has improved and how the jobs rates have improved on this website. Click this text box to be taken to the site.

This is a picture/graph that tells how jobs in the United States have been gained in the last year. Click this text box to view the image.

Landry #57 February 9,2010This site is about the chairman Ben Bernake talking about how how economy has improved. Also it tells you some improvements they are looking forward to. Click on this text box you will be taken to the site.

This is the Dow Jones Industrial Average and at the highest it's ever been. It started in Jan. 1928 at 30.2 .Today it is about 14,000,000. Because of this, we think the economy has improved.



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