[2010] Neah Helget: Neah

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[2010] Neah Helget: Neah

( Pages 114- 115)

St. Boniface: The "Apostle of Germany"

Neah Helget12.7 Religion1/26/11Mrs. Jirak# 108

-Born with the name Winfrid in Wessex, England-by age seven entered a Benedictine monastery- became a teacher and the head of the monastic school

- was called by God to leave England and evangelize the German people

-Boniface laid the foundation of a church based on a monastic model, this flourished for the next 3 centuries - Boniface revitalized the deterioration practice of the Faith among the Franks

ca. 675- 754

Winfrid became Boniface when he was consectrated a bishop Nov. 30, 722St. Boniface was made Archbishop of Mainz in 736

Boniface was martryed by the pagans at Dorkum. He was attempting to return to his mission land of his youth. He died at 76 years old in 755.

Feast day = June 5


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