[2010] Kimberly b.: Section 3 and 4 Egypt

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[2010] Kimberly b.: Section 3 and 4 Egypt

The New Kingdom-Empire = conquered all eastern Mediterainian Sea-traderoutes-Queen Hatsheput - increased trade-impressive monuments/templesInvasions-Ramses the Great - fought Hittites-Tehenu tried to invade by Nile Delta twice and failed

Soldiers-rise in social status-land=payment-could be higher officer officials

The Middle Kingdom-Old Kingdom fell in 2200 B.C.-no central governmentMiddle Kingdom Information-Hyksos invaded and conquered Lower Egypt-Egyptians = conquered againAhmose declared king!

Section 3 and 4

Farmers and other Peasants-vast majority of population -demanded on Nile-crops as taxes to pharoahs-government paid workers in grain

Merchants & Traders-small group-selled goods

Scribes-worked for government and temple-kept records and accounts for state-didn't pay taxes (become wealthy)

Slaves-criminals-captured in war-legal rights

Artisans, Architects, & Artists-useful daily job-payed well-Architects made temples and tombs-talented architects could become government officials-painted detailed pics on tombs (Artists)

Family Life-lived own homes-women legal rights-children had some education-when boys were 14 they had to follow there dad's professions

The New KingdomWriting in Ancient Egypt-3300 BC on stone-On papyrus later-HIEROGLPHICS-Rosetta Stone greek/hieroglphicsEgyptian Text-didn't decayEgpt Temples-temples honor of godsFeatures-sphinxes-obelisks-thick gates-laish decoration-columnsPaintings-architects-canvas, papyrus, pottery, plaster-people drawn in certain way-sideways (drawn from the side)Carvings and Jewelery-statues carvings-gold and precious stonesKind Tut-tomb filled with riches



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