[2010] James Russell Lowell (Woods 5W 2020): Jaguars

by KWoods
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[2010] James Russell Lowell (Woods 5W 2020): Jaguars

Jaguar CharacteristicsJaguars are the largest big cats of South America. They are tan , orange or black with spots that look like roses. Females have litters of 1-4 cubs and they live with the mother for 2 years. Their back legs are longer than their front legs. They have long claws on their paws.

Jaguar BiomeJaguars live in wet lowland areas,swampy grasslands near rivers or lakes. They are found in remote regions of North,South and Central America, particularly in the Amazon basin. They eat fish,turtles,caimans,deer,tapirs, peccaries, capybaras,rodents, and monkeys. They do not avoid water. They are very good swimmers. They live for 20 yrs.

Jaguar AdaptationsThey are able to jump and climb very well. They kill with one bite with their powerful jaws. They hunt at different times of the day depending on where their territory is. They eat large and small animals. They live alone and are territorial.


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