[2010] Emma Sims: AfghanFoods

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[2010] Emma Sims: AfghanFoods

Table SpreadUsually an Afghan table is a blanket that lays over a living room rug, called a sofrah. In the center there will be a brass bowl for the family to wash thier hands in. The younger girls need to be taught how to spread the sofrah and help thier mothers with dinner.

You might not know this, but Afghanistain is very popular for its grapes. Afghanistain was actualy once one of the world's most important grape and raisin importers.

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Dinner Dish: SamboosakSamboosak is a traditional meat pie served during each evening of the month Ramadan. It is flakey and freash on the outside, and on the inside there is a warm meat stuffing that can also include leeks, boiled eggs, and many spices..

Popular Lunch Dish: Kofta ChallowKofta Challow is another popular lunch or dinner dish. This is basicly just meatballs and rice. Kofta means meat, while challow means rice. The meatballs have some seasoning, a fair amount of garlic, and a lot of onions. You can even add cucumbers and peppers for additional flavor

In Afghanistain, they have a large mixture of different terrain. This allowes them to have a very large variety of different foods. Most of thier food is based on cereals like wheat, maize, barley and rice. Some of the most popular foods are yogurt, dried fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Afghan Food

Popular Dessert:BAKLAVAThis desert is a sweet, flakey, but chewy desert. Mainly made of basicly dough and nuts. This tasty pastery can also be served with turkey, pesto, and or honey. An interesting fact that many people don't know is that Baklava is believed to have formed when the Assyrians first put together a couple of peices of dough, and thin bread, with many chopped nuts in between those layers.


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