[2010] Areeb Ahsan: the toilet paper tigers

by LisaParisi
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[2010] Areeb Ahsan: the toilet paper tigers

The Tolilet Paper Tigers

This is a book about baseball By Gordon Korman. The main charactrer are Corey Johnson,Kathy and Professor Pendergase. The team is horrible at baseball. When Kathy comes from New York and Kathy gets a lepton that is like the good luck charm. The Lepton makes them win a few games. After a few games they go to the finnals. While the ride the engine of the car stops. They all think that they will miss the Impotant game. And after a wile some mortercycle gang appers there direction. And kathy with no fright gets in the middle of the road and she yells" Tsup! How would you like to help some fellow tigers ?" There leader grould at Kristy. They gave them a ride. Corey rode behind Sawdust one of the riders. They brought them to the big baseball game agentist the Gorilla-size Little Leagers.In the game the lepton broke.Ernie was the first to react hescreamed ''our lepton!!!!!'', its gone After a long time looking for the lepton they found it and they finaly won the baseball game.



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