[2010] A-Veronica (Previous projects class): Glog

by OlsonREACH
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[2010] A-Veronica (Previous projects class): Glog

Today I met a girl named amanda beal she has a brother named hester and a sister named lester i got a room i loved it in there each day i do stuff like this...but then one day an old man called me fish belly i got mad and ran away

to do:cean my room, vacum,sweep,do the dishes.

got to keep trying ohh ohh cuse i know im gona find a home cuse i know im gona find a home cuse i know im gona find a home some daymy perents died wene i was three went with my uncle and my unt to my unt haded my uncle but thay dident get a devors formi ran away away from them i fund amanda and we be came freindsbut one day somthing hapenedan old man called me a fish belly so i got mad and ran away i met gr

press here to hear my song

lovefullhe wanted to keep the beal family safe so he went out of town

maniac magee is ...

resoectful never talks back does as he is told fowlos the rules

out going sleeped in front of evryboty

bravehe took on cobbles knot and beat it and stands up to wite and black bulles

got to keep running!

responsebel a kid who washes the dishes wothot being asked he cleans his room

maniac magee


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