[2009] tina and tess: glogbench press

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[2009] tina and tess: glogbench press

1)Have the spotter time the hand off.2)Spotter needs balance, and to be able to control weight.3) Know the plan/workout.

Spotting techniques

1)Keep both feet on floor not on bench press.2) Don't hold your breath, breathe.3) Don't bench more then you can!4) Warm up correctly

Safety Techniques

Step by Step for Bench Pressing

Tina and Tess

Bench Pressing

Muscles Strengthened:~Bicep~Tricep~Anterior/middle deltoids~Pectoralis major/minor

*Dumbbell press*Push ups (regular, claps between, inclined push ups, and weight on back)*Stability ball dumbbell press*Stability ball barbell press*Decline bench press

Put the correct amount of weights your capable of lifting. Start with both feet firmly on floor (not on bench). Put your hands evenly on the bar at shoulder width apart.

Start loweing bar evenly down maintaining the balance of the bar. Make sure you have a spotter aiding you in this.

Bring the bar down towards your chest as low as possible (don't just drop it on your chest, maintain control). Have your elbows down while lowering.

Then raise the bar back up to starting position. Repeat as necessary of workout/exercise plan.

Alternative Exercises


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