2.0 Web Tools

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2.0 Web Tools

Youtube Students can learn alot about a social studies subject from a youtube video. Students can create their own youtube video explaining or recreating an event in history, explaining social studies concept.

Prezi Students can create their own powerful powerpoint presentation. Teacher can also create a fun presentation with lots of visuals for the students.

Toon DooMany students learn best with lots of pictures and visuals. Toon do allows you to create Comic strips that can be both very entertaining and educational. Teachers can explain social studies concepts or recreate a historical moment. This program is so simple they can even have their students make their own comic strips explaining what they learned.

Glogster A great way to teach and learn. Glogster lets you upload youtube videos, pictures, and be as creative as you can. If i were teaching about Cultures around the world, I would have my students create a Gloster dedicated entirely on what they have learned about the culture.

Using 2.0 Web Tools in Social Studies



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