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2.0 Tool - Mathway

Cost: Free to see answers, pay to see work.Age level: Middle school through college.Type: Web application plus a mobile ready website.


Web 2.0

Just to name a few other things you can do...+Graph different types of functions.+Manipulate difference 2-D and 3-D shapes to identify mathematical properties such as area and volume+Create a worksheet based on topic and problem type


What sets mathway.com apart from similar programs like Wolfram Alpha is its easy to use set of example problems.Just use the tabs at the top to chose your topic (Algebra, Precalculus etc..) and then either start typing your problem or look on the left side for example problems.

Students can use this web tool to...+Check homework problems +Check the accuracy of a graph (mathway graphing tool will graph an equation in standard form!)+Write their own proofs+Make their own practice worksheets based on their needs


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