20% Project

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20% Project

Until now, you have been learning and doing what your teacher has assigned. That changes today.Every Friday in class you will be either working on a service project of your choosing or learning something new you want to learn. It must be safe and school appropriate.You must work every Friday in class.You will present what you have done or learned at the end of each semester.There is no grade attached to this assignment.You will keep a record of your learning. Need some ideas, click here.

20% Project

Your Ideas, YOur Learning!

Get inspired


1) Choose a service project or something new to learn. 2) Create a time line with a basic plan including a way to communicate your learning (blog, google doc, notebook, etc.) 3)Find a classmate to serve as a peer reviewer. 4) Complete the Google Form progress check to share your plan.5)Start working your plan. Make a difference or learn something new.

Some Student Examples

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